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In order for the HoboNickels wallet client to synchronize to the network, it must be connected to peers (nodes) that actively relay the latest changes to the HoboNickels blockchain to your wallet client.

Types of Nodes:


A node is essentially any wallet client that is connected to the network. When you launch your wallet it will connect to other wallets and become part of a network of nodes.

Since nodes typically go on and offline frequently, permanent nodes are run on the network in order to ensure that connectivity is easy and does not take much scanning for nodes.

Seed Node:

Seed nodes actively crawl through the network of nodes and indexes which nodes are online. A seed node will have an address such as When the wallet client connects to, the wallet is redirected to active nodes on the network.

Configuring Wallet Client to Connect to Nodes:

Debug Window

The easiest way to connect to a node is to go into the debug window on the wallet client and enter the following command:

addnode ipaddresshere add

To remove a node that you have added:

addnode ipaddresshere remove

Using the debug window provides a quick and instant way to connect to node, and nodes will be stored in your peers.dat file to be used each time on start up.

Config File

Using the config file method provides a way to connect to the same set of nodes and seed nodes each time the wallet client is launched.

To add nodes to your config file in Windows follow the following steps:

Open %appdata%

Find your appdata folder. The appdata folder is usually under the directory "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming". The appdata folder is hidden by default, the quickest way to get to the folder in Windows 7 is to click the start button and in the search bar type "%appdata%" and press enter, the folder should pop up. On other versions of Windows, simply press the Windows button (next to alt on the keyboard) + r, this makes the run window come up, type "%appdata%" and press enter.

Navigate to the HoboNickels folder, you should see your wallet.dat files stored here.

Add or Edit .conf File

In the HoboNickels directory check to see if there is a file called HoboNickels.conf. If you do not have this file, create it in notepad or similar editor (make sure it is HoboNickels.conf, not HoboNickels.conf.txt). To insert nodes, add the following lines:


Ports are optional to add to the ipaddress, the port will direct to 7372 by default.

Permanent HoboNickels Nodes:

Permanent Nodes

Permanent Seed Nodes